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Ever wondered if you can actually lose weight fast by just water fasting? Well in this post I’m not just going to answer that question but I will go in detail about what water fasting is. I’m also going to share with you the benefits of water fasting and also how you can get started with water fasting without any surprises.

What Is Water Fasting?

11 1 Water Fasting Can You Lose Weight Quick With Water Fasting

So let’s start with the grand question!

What is water fasting? Well, water fasting is basically the act of consuming nothing else but water throughout the day. Some people actually take it a step further by fasting for about 5 to 7 days in a row without proper guidance which I definitely DO NOT recommend. I will explain that in a moment but first, let’s take a look at what you can benefit if you do a water fast the right way.

🟢What Other Benefits Come From Water Fasting?

1️⃣ Lowers Blood Pressure

If you are fasting the right way, you may experience a drop in blood pressure. In one study done under medical supervision, 60 people who had high blood pressure were water fasted for almost two weeks. At the end of the study, a large percentage (83%) of those people saw a drop in their blood pressure level. It dropped to healthier levels. Although it was not 100% and it was done under medical supervision but nonetheless, water fasting is effective when it comes to lowering blood pressure.

2️⃣ Improve Leptin And Insulin

Leptin and insulin are hormones that affect your body’s metabolism. If you didn’t know, insulin is the hormone that helps your body takes nutrients from your bloodstream and stores it. Leptin on the other hand helps you feel full after having a large meal. Water fasting improves the sensitivity of these hormones.

3️⃣ Water Is Good For Detox

Some people do water fasting using detox water. Detox water is basically water infused with flavors of fresh fruits such as cucumber or lemon. Doing water fasting can help you get rid of unwanted toxins that are found in your body in the form of detoxification. Water detox will not only help you get rid of toxins but also improve your energy levels.

4️⃣ Aids Weight Loss

When you are fasting, it is obvious that you are going to lose weight because you are going to be reducing the number of calories you take. But the story does not end there. You see, when you are fasting, you deprive yourself of daily calories, but where will the body get energy?

Since your body is no longer receiving carbs that get broken down and turned into glucose, the body will not have a choice but to draw energy from the fat storage. That’s how you start to lose body fat.

How To Do Water Fasting To Lose Weight?

There are different ways for you to start water fasting but if you want to be successful, you need to follow these few steps.

1️⃣ You Need To Prepare Yourself

This means that you need to know this will not be easy so you must be prepared to struggle when starting out. Some people have a problem because they do not drink a lot of water in their daily lives. That is because they usually use beverages such as soda as a source of liquid. If you’re one of those people, then STOP.

2️⃣Reduce The Amount Of Food You Eat Per Day

For those who never did a fasting challenge, cutting out food will not be easy. Especially for those who have a lot of food cravings. If you eat too many times a day then cut it down to 2 times, then 1 time, then just drink only water. Which brings me to my next point.

3️⃣Start Slowly!

Starting slow and increasing the intensity gradually is the key. Although this emphasizes my first two points I have to put it out there and say it. Some may think that this is going to delay them but in reality, they will have a greater chance for success. That is because fasting is no easy task and if you go at it the wrong way, you might get discouraged before even achieving your weight loss goals.

Note: Make sure that after fasting, you break the fast with something easy to digest. I prefer smoothies.


I get it, you want to lose weight, but if you fall under the following, DO NOT attempt this!

This is:

  • Not for those with health issues or under any sort of medication
  • Not For Pregnant Women or Breastfeeding Moms
  • Not For children
  • Not For Those Who Have Diabetes

I urge you to see a doctor before attempting any sort of aggressive fasting because you might do some serious damages to your body. That is because water fasting can be great for others, and also be so bad for some. Remember that our bodies will always react differently when major changes are done.

🛑What Are The Dangers Of Water Fasting?

If not done the right way, water fasting can be tricky and dangerous.

🔴You May Lose The Wrong Type Of Weight

Since fasting restricts calorie intake, drinking water just seals the deal. You will experience a quick weight loss which may sound good until you realize that you are no longer losing fat. Some people report losing about 2 pounds after a 24 hour fast. That can be the combination of water, carbs, and muscle mass which means that you are now doing damage to your body.

🔴Having To Experience Orthostatic Hypotension

For those who don’t know, orthostatic hypotension is a form of blood pressure drop that you experience when you stand up which can be dangerous. When you experience orthostatic hypotension, you will feel dizzy and lightheaded. You can also end up fainting. This means that when you are fasting, you should try by all means to avoid doing dangerous activities like operating heavy machines or driving.

🟢What To Do If You Want To Avoid Any Dangers?

Unless you are under medical supervision, I suggest that you don’t do extreme water fasting. The same goes if you are on any sort of medical procedure. If you want to do proper water fasting, make sure that it does not last for more than 72 hours. It’s a good practice to check with your doctor when you are about to do something extreme like this. This way, you’ll avoid losing the wrong type of weight. Don’t forget the reason you’re losing weight.

🏆What I Usually Recommend For My Clients

As for me, I’m not a fan of fasting. Just because I’m not a fan, doesn’t mean that it is not effective. I just feel like fasting, in general, is for short term results because it is so uncomfortable and discouraging if not done right. I don’t think it is for someone who is impatient, but that is just a personal opinion. However, someone might argue that fasting is the best way to go. Please share your experience in the comment section below, we would love to hear from you. What I recommend is a slight shift of perspective towards weight loss and eating the right types of food.

That is why I created The FREE 3 Step Rapid Weight Loss Guide, which is safe for a lot of people and not that hard to follow. This free guide has helped a lot of my clients burn between 10 and 20 pounds in a matter of 1 month or less. The Feedback they give is what fuels me to keep writing content for you guys.

If you want to get started today and start burning pounds on the go, you are just a few clicks away to a better you.

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