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Want to burn fat by just a good workout? Well, in this post I’m going to give you 5 amazing fat-burning morning workouts that you can do at home as a beginner and get massive results. Not only that, but I’m also going to give you 2 of my favorite drink recipes that I consume early in the morning when I wake up and before I go to sleep.

But let’s first take a look at the benefits of working out.

Health Benefits Of Doing Workouts Every Now And Then Your Energy Levels Will Increase

8 1 Fat Burning Morning Workout At Home For Beginners

If you’ve exercised before, you already know by now the rush you feel after a good workout. Always energetic and ready to do anything. That is why people who exercise regularly are always energetic and look like they may possess some sort of secrete recipe that gives them the boost of energy throughout the day. The only ingredient they possess is exercise!

Workout Aids Weight Loss

People who never exercise are more likely to experience obesity in their lives than those that do. That is because obesity is a major factor in obesity and weight gain. Exercise has proven to increase your metabolic rate which will burn more calories and that leads to weight loss. But don’t get me wrong, exercising alone cannot fully help you lose weight… Yes, in most cases you will lose weight, but take a look at this rough example. Let’s say you exercise daily and burn 100 calories,

Then the meal you eat, you gain over 120 calories. In the end, you end up gaining 20 calories. As you can see in this case, even when you exercise, you will still gain weight. So it really boils down to what you eat than how you exercise. But still, exercise still plays a major part in weight loss if you pay close attention to what goes in your mouth.

You Can Reduce Stress When You Workout

People who never exercise suffer anxiety more than those that exercise. The reason may be because they might feel ashamed of their bodies and how look. If you’re maybe overweight then I want you to know that you look beautiful the way you are and you don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Be proud of your body. But I know that you don’t want to ever want to feel isolated or depressed because of your body, so exercise more. It won’t only make you feel happier, you will also gain confidence. Working out can help improve your mood and decrease the feeling of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Boosts Brain Power

If you want to improve the functionality of your brain, then you must exercise on a regular basis. That is because studies show that cardiovascular exercise can help create new cells for your brain and overall improve your brain performance. It can also help sharpen your memory.

The Top 7 Exercises For Beginners That Can Be Done Without Equipment

1️⃣Jumping Rope

This form of exercise is good when you’re just warming up your whole body. if you want the exercise to be a bit intense, you can also use a weighted jump rope. This will help you engage your shoulders and arms a bit more. 10 minutes of jump-rope exercise per day is enough for beginners.

2️⃣ Running Or Jogging

This form of exercise is also one of the best workouts that focuses on your entire body. When you are jogging or running, you burn belly fat than you realize. If you want to burn more fats during and after a workout, add in some short sprints in your running. If you feel too much pressure, you can stop and start walking until you’ve recovered your energy and run again. You can spend over 15 minutes jogging, sprinting, and walking. Don’t hesitate to a take few breaks to catch your breath. 1 minute stops in every 4 minutes run is great.


Another form of exercise that can get your blood running and those calories burnt out is the burpee. This form of exercise will target your core, legs, and chest at the same time. Just take a look at a simple burpee from this video below! You can subscribe to their channel for more exercise. They have a lot of home workouts that you can also try out.

4️⃣Getting Enough Sleep

Wait, what? I thought this post was about working out. Well, when you workout, you’ll need to take some rest days, right?

What do you think those rest days are for? Catching your breath? No, they are for your body’s recovery. And just like taking breaks, you need to get enough sleep so that your body can have a good rest and so that you can lose more weight effectively. But don’t go all crazy and sleep all day every day because you will receive the opposite of what you want, which is gaining weight.

5️⃣Go To The Gym

I know, I know, this is not a type of exercise but, if you really want to lose weight, you need to take things seriously. It’s hard to stay motivated to workout each and every day when you’re alone. Going to the gym will help you meet new like-minded people and this will help you stay consistent with your exercises. Even when you feel a little discouraged, their support can help you beat that discouragement.

Drink Supplements To Use While Exercising

These are the types of drinks that I love to drink when I wake up before starting my workouts.

1️⃣Chia Seed Drink

This drink contains a lot of nutrients and it’s super easy to make. If you want a drink with high-quality protein, and high omega 3 fatty acids that reduce abnormal heartbeat rhythm then you got yourself a winner. The recipe can be found at the Chia Seed Recipe For Weight Loss.

2️⃣ACV Honey Drink

This is the drink that I usually drink before sleep. This is another drink packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. This drink is a good appetite suppressor which means it supports fullness. You can also drink this before eating dinner. You can check the recipe right here. You can alternate between these drinks and you can also pick one and stick to it. Don’t expect unrealistic results when using these drinks.

🔥What happens if I gain the weight back?

Well, someone might ask and I think I may have a solution to that problem. We all know that the amount of weight you gain is controlled by the types of foods you eat every day.

This means that the habit of eating the foods that got you fat must end. Then, what should you eat?

You need to have the right diet that works for you. The Custom Keto Diet Plan is the best place to start. My clients report losing about 10 to 20 pounds of weight within 1 month or less. I created a small FREE eBook that gives you the best practices for losing weight. And in that book, I also share the Custom Keto Diet Plan that will help you lose weight and keep it off.

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