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I get it, you want to do a body detox for weight loss, but did you know that detoxifying your body has more benefits other than losing weight?

And did you know that those benefits are actually very important in your life? If you’ve never done a body detox, by the end of this article, you’ll feel like doing a body detox right away. But first, let’s take a look at what detox is.

What Is Detox?

10 1 Body Detox The Top 8 Shocking Reasons To Do A Body Detox

So, basically, detox is a process of depriving or abstaining from unhealthy toxins found in the foods you eat. Detox can also be done by changing your environment.

The Different Types Of Toxins

Well, in order to do a detox, you need to know what type of detox you’re going to be doing because of these two things.

There are:

  • Environmental toxins: These toxins are the ones found in your surrounding. These may include things like gases and chemicals that you may come into contact with each and every day.
  • Internal/metabolic toxins: These are toxins that are found within your body. You may have these through the foods that you eat each and every day.

That is why as you grow, you start to experience illnesses which you cannot explain. Those illnesses are caused by toxins that you ingested a long time ago. That is why I love detoxifying my body every once in a while.

When To Do A Body Detox?

A lot of people don’t know when is the right time to do a body detox. They often do body detox when they feel like they should lose some weight. But that is not the only sign showing that you need to do a body detox. For me, I actually start doing a full body detox when I start to see one or more of the following things:

  • Having trouble sleeping.
  • Not being able to concentrate
  • When I start to crave food more
  • Starting to fall sick every now and then (Very rare for me though)
  • Always exhausted all the time

The moment one of these things starts to show up often in my life, that’s when I know that I really need to do a body detox. Take these things as an alarm for a detox. But these things don’t really bother me that much because I do a full body detox as a ritual every now and then for the reasons I’m about to share with you below.

🏆 The Top 8 Reasons To Do A Body Detox

1️⃣ Clear Skin

When it comes to your skin, the environmental toxins are always looking for a way to make you look ugly. When these toxins combine with unhealthy foods that you eat every day, your skin just gives up. Exercising which will then make you sweat is another form of detox that can help you fight toxins found within your skin. In fact, detoxifying your body can help you fight acne, strengthen your hair, and also your nails. As the body gets detoxified, you’ll start to see the restoration of your body to a healthier form.

2️⃣ Helps Reduce Unwanted Sugar In The Body

I once was addicted to sugars and this was a problem for me. That is because I started to notice that every time I try to lose weight, I always seem to gain it back. Then I realized that my main problem was with sugar. Then I had to develop a way to help myself detoxify my body from processed sugars. If you want to know how I did it, you can check out my 7-Day Detox Plan post here.

3️⃣ Improves Digestion

This is where detoxifying yourself with healthy food pays off. Healthy food can help you get rid of excess fat and waste from your system and replace them with good nutrients that your body needs. Healthy food contains fiber that can cleanse your colon region by flushing away toxins that get built up in your gut over time. This helps improve the functionality of the organs responsible for detox which are kidneys and your liver.

4️⃣ The Body System Balance Is Restored

As you know, your body has different hormones that help you get with your day to day life. As time goes on, your body starts to accumulate toxins from the foods that you eat. Some of these toxins will affect the organs that secret those chemical substances called hormones. This will therefore take your body system out of balance. Getting rid of those toxins will restore your body balance.

5️⃣ You Become Energized

Doing a body detox can help you create a spike in your body’s natural energy levels that you used to have in your youthful days. You’ll notice things like waking up every morning feeling energized to start your day. If you used to experience some midday crashes, you now say goodbye to them. You’ll start to develop desires to do new stuff. Your mood swings will start to dissipate into thin air.

6️⃣ You Age Slowly

This is where doing a body detox every now and then benefits you in the long term. Like I said earlier, when your body is filled with toxins that you accumulated for years and years, it will age faster than normal. Doing a body detox will help you solve that problem. Remember that by reducing the damage done to your body by the free radicals and the number of toxins, after some time, you’ll notice that you look younger than people your age. You’ll notice fewer wrinkles around your eyes, forehead, and fewer bags under the eyes.

7️⃣ Stops Food Cravings

This is something that I started to notice the time I started detoxifying my body. I used to be one of those people that are always chewing something. My food cravings were off the charts. Detox helped me get rid of irregular food cravings and restored my appetite to normal. Although It was not just the body detox that helped me, I know it played a major part in restoring my cravings.

8️⃣ It Helps You Lose Weight

After restoring my appetite to normal, I started to see a little change in my body weight. My clothes were no longer trying to suck the air out of me. Like I said, sugar was my main problem. A good sugar detox was the one that helped me a lot.

You can read about the 7-Day Sugar Detox Plan right here.

🟢How To Do A Full Body Detox For Weight Loss?

There are different ways to do a full body detox. Some people prefer to do all of them at once, some do them individually. What I came to realize is that they are all effective either way.

  • You can flush out toxins by Doing a Water Fasting.
  • Detox can also be achieved by depriving yourself of food.
  • Exercising is also one of them

You can also do a body detox by changing the food you eat. This one is my favorite because this form of detox is the best. When you change the food you eat and eat more healthy food, your liver which is the organ that does the detoxifications will work better.

🟢Where To Start Your Weight Loss Journey

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