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‘The Witcher’ Becomes One Of Netflix’s Highest Rating Original Series On IMDb

‘The Witcher’ was being raved as fans had high expectations on the series. Although it was only allowed 8 episodes, the show received an amazing rating for its first season on IMdB with 8.8, similar to another Netflix’s best Original Series, Stranger Things’.

The show cast Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia after he announces that he no longer will be Man of Steel. Fans were praising how similar Cavill’s voice was to Geralt as well as his personalities and acting. It appears that the actor himself is a fan of the games and book series.

The show will be based on the books which have already been adapted as a video game. It also casts Freya Allan as Ciri, Anya Chalotra as Yennefer, Anna Shafer as Triss as well as Mimi Ndiweni, Eamon Farren, MyAnna Buring, Wilson Radjou-Pujalte and Adam Levy.

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Here’s the full list of Netflix’s most prominent shows:

The Witcher – 8.8

Stranger Things – 8.8

House of Cards – 8.8

Peaky Blinders – 8.8

Narcos – 8.8

Black Mirror – 8.8

The Haunting of Hill House – 8.7

The Crown – 8.7

Daredevil – 8.6

Dark – 8.6

Mindhunter – 8.6

BoJack Horseman – 8.6

The Punisher – 8.5

Ozark – 8.3

Master of None – 8.3

Atypical – 8.3

American Vandal – 8.2

Altered Carbon – 8.1

Orange is the New Black – 8.1

Glow – 8.1

Jessica Jones – 8.1

Bloodline – 8.0

13 Reasons Why – 7.8

Source: IMDB

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