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A healthy berry Smoothy can help cleanse your body and in the meantime give you access to deliciousness and refreshment. In this post, I will share with you healthy mixed berry Smoothy recipes that are easy to make. Berries are arguably one of the most important assets in our day to day lives than you think. That is because they can help fight or manage some of the most deadly diseases.

But before we get into the types of berry Smoothy recipes, let’s take a look at the importance of berries.

Why Are Berries Important To Your Health?

Berries are not just beautiful, smell good and have a good sweet taste, they also have health benefits that I think you might not know.

1️⃣ They May Help You Manage Diabetes

As you may already know, processed sugar can cause diabetes. That is because sugar is directly responsible for obesity which then causes diabetes. Berries, on the other hand, can help you manage that. That is because berries do not contain a lot of sugar and the sugar found within them is natural sugar. This means that it is the right kind of sugar your body needs. Although you can still eat berries by including them in other foods like blueberry pie or muffin, the nutritional boost is even better when they are eaten raw or in the form of a smoothie.

2️⃣ They Can Boost Your Heart Health

Berries are also known to help boost your heart health. This is because berries such as Raspberries are rich in heart-healthy fiber. They are rich in vitamin C and also known to be very low in fat. Since they are low in fat and have high levels of polyphenols, this means that they can easily reduce the risk of having heart disease. So having a diet rich with vegetables, and fruits such as berries can help you reduce the chances of having a heart attack.

3️⃣ Berries Can Help You Fight Cancer

Like other deadly diseases, berries can help you fight cancer. This is because raspberries and blueberries can lead to a more effective cancer prevention strategy. Now you may be wondering why is this so? Well, just like other colorful fruits, berries such as blueberries contain a compound called flavonoid compound. This compound and other compounds found in berries can help you reduce colon cancer. That is why cancer prevention diets always strongly emphasize vegetables and fruits.

4️⃣ Berries Can Help You Lose Weight

For those of you who really want to lose weight, adding berries to your diet will help you speed up the process. I’ve seen this happen to my mom. She was using one of her diet plans as a way to lose some weight so that she can go to my brother’s wedding in a few weeks. The diet wasn’t effective until she added some berries smoothies to her diet. Although she was skeptical at first, as time went on, the results she got were amazing.

Then I took note of that and I started investigating a lot more about berries. Then I found that berries contain fiber and liquid content which then promotes fullness. This means that you will then eat fewer and fewer calories. You can experiment with berries but the one effective and easy to do is by making berry smoothies. But I will give you the strategy in a second!

5️⃣ They Can Help Sharpen Your Mentality

Nobody likes to have a lazy mind. In fact, we all want to be geniuses like Einstein and be able to solve complex equations. This means that anything that promises the ability to be genius is worth trying out. Okay, berries will not turn you into a genius (Sorry, that is just genetic) but it can help you experience less mental decline compared to your peers.

This means that you will have a sharper mind compared to your peers as time goes on. This is because of the flavonoid compounds I mentioned earlier. If you know other health benefits that come from eating berries, do not hesitate to share with us in the comment section below this post. I would really appreciate your contribution.

3 Powerful Berry Smoothies You Should Try!

Let’s not waste any time and get started with the first berry smoothie.

NOTE: Never use processed sugar when making these smoothies. If you want to know more about why check it out in the 7-day sugar detox plan.

1️⃣ Super Berry Smoothy

7 1 3 Best Mixed Berry Smoothy Recipes Healthy Berry Smoothies

For this one, we are going to be using frozen berries. If you want to make a healthy smoothie that is extra filling, you can combine frozen berries and oats.


Porage Oats (25g)
A bag of Frozen Berries (450g)
Fat-FREE Strawberry Yogurt (450g)
Milk (100ml)
2 tsp Honey (Optional)

The Process Of Making The Smoothie.

Making this smoothie is easy. All you have to do is to whizz the berries, milk, and yogurt together using a stick blender. Make sure that they become smooth. After that, all you now need to do is to stir through the porage oats, pour it in 4 cups or glasses and then serve to enjoy. You can add a drizzly of honey if you want to increase the sweetness.

2️⃣ Chia – Berry Smoothy

7 2 3 Best Mixed Berry Smoothy Recipes Healthy Berry Smoothies

This berry chia smoothie is another type of smoothie that promotes fullness. This means that, once you start using it, you begin to eat fewer calories. That is why it aids promote weight loss. It is also made from delicious ingredients such as:


1 cup of Strawberries
1 cup of Raspberries
1 tsp of Chia seeds
1 cup of fat-free yogurt
1 cup of ice
A tsp of honey (optional)

The Process Of Making The Smoothy.

If you have all of the above ingredients in one place, all you now need to do is to put them inside the blender and let it do its job. When the smoothie is nice and smooth, you can now add the honey to increase the sweetness. But that is optional. For me, I feel like it tastes better without the honey but that is just my personal opinion. All you now have to do is to serve in a glass or a cup.

3️⃣ The Mixed Berry Smoothy

7 3 3 Best Mixed Berry Smoothy Recipes Healthy Berry Smoothies

In this smoothie, we are going to be mixing four different types of smoothies. I promise you, this berry smoothie is so mouth-watering.


Half a cup of Raspberries (65g)
Half a cup of Blackberries (75g)
1 full cup of Sliced Strawberries (150g)
1 full cup of Blueberries (100g)
1 and a half cup of milk (350ml)
1 cup of Fat-Free Yogurt (285g)

The Process of Making The Smoothy.

To make this smoothie, you need to put all of those berries in a freezer bag for as long as you want, but don’t go crazy okay. When you are ready to use, then put the yogurt, milk, and the frozen fruits (in this case, barries) into a blender then mix until it becomes smooth.

You can now serve!

Are These Smoothies Safe For Someone In A Diet?

I know some of you are concerned about whether or not to take these smoothies because you don’t want to mess up your diet. Nothing is safer than these smoothies. When I start a little diet myself, I always include at least one of them to get faster results. Okay, what if someone wants to lose weight but do not even have a diet plan to start from? well, I have a solution for that.

I have already created a FREE weight loss guide to help you get started with your weight loss journey. The diet plan found in the guide can be used with these berry smoothies.

What I love about this guide is the feedback I get from my clients. Their success stories are the ones that motivate me to keep on writing FREE content for you guys. They report burning about 10 to 20 pounds of unwanted fats in a month or less just by using the diet plan found in my FREE guide.

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