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Halloween weekend in college is one of the craziest times of the year. There are parties just about every single night for a week so it’s always a good idea to have a few costumes in mind. I put together a list of 32 easy college Halloween costumes that you can use as inspiration for your next Halloween party.

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1. Margarita

Margarita College Halloween Costumes

This margarita costume is so cute! If you have a little time you can DIY the lime headbands and straw. Or you could just tape a green paper fan to a headband!

Recreate this costume:

2. Disco Girl

Disco College Halloween Costumes

The exact outfit in this picture is from the kids section but there are tons of cute similar costumes in adult sizes on Amazon.

Recreate this college halloween costume:

3. Cassie from Euphoria

Cassie College Halloween Costumes

Euphoria is an insanely popular costume idea for Halloween this year. I love this Cassie costume because it’s really easy to recreate.

Recreate this costume:

4. Angel

Angel College Halloween Costumes

You can’t go wrong with the classic angel college halloween costumes. You probably already have a white dress so all you really need is a halo and a pair of cheap wings!

Recreate this college halloween costume:

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5. Flinstones

Flinstones College Halloween Costumes

This one is so easy because you can just cut the hem of any plain dress and add a bow in your hair to look like a character off the Flinstones.

Recreate this costume:

6. Dora the Explorer

Dora College Halloween Costumes

This is an easy one because it’s pretty much just regular clothes!

Recreate this costume:

7. Clueless

Clueless College Halloween Costumes

The Clueless costume is a classic college Halloween costume idea. You can DIY it if you find a yellow plaid blazer and skirt or you can just buy the whole ensemble on Amazon.

Recreate this college Halloween costume:

8. Britney Spears Oops I Did it Again Outfit

Britney College Halloween Costumes

One of the most iconic music video outfits of all time. Plus, you’ll be warm while all your friends are freezing on Halloween night!

Recreate this costume idea:

9. Hugh Hefner

Hefner College Halloween Costumes

Source: unknown
When all the other girls are dressing up as playboy bunnies, you’ll be making everyone at the party laugh when you show up as Hugh Hefner. This would be such a comfy costume to wear around all night too.

Recreate this costume:

10. Fortune Teller

Fortune College Halloween Costumes 225x300

The fortune teller is such a creative costume idea. You can get the skirt/scarf thing on Amazon for super cheap and then just wear any white top with it.

Recreate this costume:

11. Cowgirl

Cowgirls College Halloween Costumes

I bet you already have pretty much everything you need for this costume. Just grab a flannel or borrow one from your boyfriend. You can buy cheap cowboy hats on Amazon if you don’t already have one.

Recreate this costume:

12. Shark Bite

Sharks College Halloween Costumes

I love this shark attack costume idea. The bodysuit is pretty cheap and the silver shorts can be reused for a bunch of different costumes in the future (alien, white claw can, etc.).

Recreate this costume:

13. White Claw Cans

White Claws College Halloween Costumes

This is such an easy college Halloween costume to recreate. Just print out a white claw label and put it on a white tube top.

Recreate this college Halloween costume:

14. Alien

Alien College Halloween Costumes

This alien costume idea is great because you can go so many different ways with it. The girl in the picture definitely went for the sexy alien look but you could definitely make it more modest with a different metallic dress.

Recreate this costume:

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15. Clown

Clown College Halloween Costumes

This is definitely one of the more unique college halloween costumes on this list. I love how cute this clown costume looks while still being pretty easy to throw together. If you don’t want to buy face paint you could just use eyeliner and red lipstick to copy the makeup.

Recreate this costume:

16. Racecar Driver

Disfraces Que Conquistarán A Tu Crush En La Fiesta De Halloween

This Ferrari driver costume is SO adorable. I couldn’t find the exact costume she’s wearing in the picture but there are some super cute race car driver costumes linked below.

Recreate this college halloween costume:

17. Sailor Girl

Sailor College Halloween Costumes

How cute are these sailor girl college halloween costumes? I love that they’re so simple but still look amazing.

Recreate this costume:

18. Paris Hilton

Paris College Halloween Costumes

I’m OBSESSED with this classic Paris Hilton look. As Paris would say, that’s hot.

Recreate this costume:

19. Fitness Chicks

Fitness College Halloween Costumes

The 80’s workout girl look is so cute and it can be recreated really easily. Just get a funky windbreaker and throw it over some neon workout clothes. You can try to find a vintage windbreaker at a thrift store or there are some good options on Amazon.

Recreate this costume:

20. Ariana Grande


This Ariana grande costume is perfect because you probably already have most of these items in your closet already. Just wear your hair in a high pony, throw on an oversized sweatshirt and some knee-high boots, and contour your face like crazy.

Recreate this costume:

21. Robin from Stranger Things

Stranger Things College Halloween Costumes

This costume idea is so easy because you can buy the whole look on Amazon. One of the cutest and easiest college Halloween costumes for 2020.

Recreate this costume:

22. Rainbow

Screen Shot 2020 08 31 At 4.47.39 PM

How adorable is this rainbow halloween costume? Such a creative idea that probably no one else at the party will think of.

Recreate this costume:

23. Fairly Odd Parents

Fairy College Halloween Costumes

This would be such a fun one to do with a friend or significant other. All you really need are the wigs and crowns and the rest can be put together with clothes you already have!

Recreate this costume:

24. Mermaid

Mermaid College Halloween Costumes

These mermaid costumes are so subtle and adorable! They’re cute enough to wear as a real outfit.

Recreate this costume:

25. Unicorn

Unicorn College Halloween Costumes

Source: Pinterest
Such a fun and colorful college Halloween costume idea. Just get a cheap rainbow tutu and a unicorn horn and throw it over any cute outfit.

Recreate this costume:

26. Devil

Devil College Halloween Costumes

The devil is another classic college Halloween costume idea. You can go as sexy or modest as you want with this one. All you really need is a red outfit and some devil horns.

Recreate this costume:

27. Risky Business

Risky Business Simply Halloween Costume More

I’ve done this costume a few times when I was in a big rush. Just borrow a white dress shirt from a guy friend and throw on some white socks and black sunglasses. Couldn’t be any easier than that!

Recreate this costume:

28. Skeleton

Skeleton College Halloween Costumes

It doesn’t get more halloween-y than a skeleton costume. The bodysuit gives it a sexier look which is perfect for college parties.

Recreate this costume:

29. Cavewoman

Cavewoman College Halloween Costumes 1

Such a cute costume idea! These girls obviously went the DIY route but you can just buy the whole costume on Amazon if you want to save some time.

Recreate this costume:

30. Boxer

Boxer College Halloween Costumes

I’ve been seeing this costume idea all over Pinterest and I’m seriously obsessed! All you need is a pink robe and some black workout clothes. It’s so cute and easy.

Recreate this costume:

31. Biker Babe

Biker College Halloween Costumes

This would be such a fun idea for a group of girls to go as a biker girl gang. You really just need Harley shirts, black shorts, and maybe a bandana to finish off the look.

Recreate this costume:

32. Cat

Hottest Real Girls Of Insta On Instagram  @marypauchey Looking Smoking Hot In Any Situation Give Her A Like And Some AppreciationHottestRealGirlsOfInstagram…

And finally you can’t go wrong with the classic cat outfit. Pair any cute black outfit with some cat ears and you’re ready to go.

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